Benidorm Fallas Fiesta 2022 | Dates & Locations

Benidorm Fallas Fiesta 2022 | Dates & Locations

Benidorm Fallas Fiesta began with local carpenters seeing who could carve out the best images of the Saint, Joseph the Carpenter.

Now it is one of the biggest fiestas on the calendar bringing everyone together for 5 days of parties, cuisine, fireworks and processions.

Fallas Fiesta Benidorm Dates

The Fallas Fiestas in Benidorm start on March 15th 2022 and continue until March 19th 2022.

Over the days from the 15th, the sculptures will be at the locations listed below then on the 19th they will be set on fire.

Benidorm Location of the Fallas Fiesta

There are 3 areas where the Fallas Fiestas take place in Benidorm.

At the roundabout near Levante Beach, Plaza Triangle and Calle Tomas Ortuno, both in the Benidorm Old Town.

Over the days whilst the Fallas Fiesta is being held you will hear very loud fireworks throughout Benidorm.

Benidorm Fallas Fiesta

These are coordinated and lead up to the burning of the sculptures on the 19th March at midnight.

A very popular Benidorm festival that is family friendly and great for everyone to enjoy.

Being spread over the area and over a few days it’s also a great way to see more of the parts of Benidorm you may not have visited before.

You can also get great Benidorm holiday deals for this time of year so an even better reason to come to Benidorm!

Have you been to any of the fiestas or festivals in Benidorm before?

Let us know which one is your favourite in the comments section down below!

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