The Benidorm Cross | La Cruz de Benidorm

The Benidorm Cross | La Cruz de Benidorm

The Benidorm Cross: Most people who visit Benidorm have been to the resort many times, for newcomers it's the start of a love affair with this sunny, vibrant fun place and a visit to the La Cruz de Benidorm at some point is a must.

Most of us know the cross as you can see it from the Levante and Rincon areas but the views you get from up there are just stunning.

You really get to see the enormity of Benidorm.

When I ask if people have been up to the La Cruz de Benidorm those who have not say simply because they do not know the route.

I have been there, I spent hours walking the wrong way but was worth it in the End

You can get to the cross walking or an alternate and much more common way is to get a taxi (around 10 Euros depending on where you set off from) and walk back down.

Walking to the La Crux de Benidorm takes around an hour and is all uphill, if you have mobility issues it might be worth getting a taxi as the top approach is via rough terrain.

Benidorm is stunning from the cross and is well worth an evening visit for the night views over Benidorm.

Benidorm Cross

Some advice I would give for those making the visit to the cross for the first time is take water, it gets very hot on the roads on the way up and there is no shop up there.

Bring a camera, the views are amazing and after the trek up here you have to get some snaps.

If you are going it alone and looking at doing it at night let someone know where you are going and what time you expect to be back at.

There is some rough terrain up there and at night it's easy to go on the wrong path (I got lost in the daylight).

Charge up your phone, not just for emergencies but ideal to have access to the map if you need it.

And most important wear suitable footwear, it's not the walk you want to make in high heels or a pair croc's!

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