Benidorm Carnival Dates 2022 | Locations & More!

Benidorm Carnival Dates 2022 | Locations & More!

One of the first big events on the calendar year is the Benidorm Carnival.

A very popular event which attracts locals and holidaymakers to watch and enjoy the carnival take place.

With a mix of processions for both children and adults it’s a great event to visit when in Benidorm.

Colour, costumes and music give you that real authentic sense of Spain which you would not normally find in the New Town part of Benidorm.

One of the best things about the carnival in Benidorm is that it is free for everyone to enjoy.

It’s a vibrant and fun atmosphere and one of those Benidorm fiestas that is well worth popping along to.

Carnival Dates in Benidorm

The date for the carnival in Benidorm this year is Saturday February 12th 2022.

You will enjoy two carnivals on the day with the first taking place in the morning for the children starting around 11.00am.

Benidorm Carnival

The second carnival in Benidorm this day starts at about 21.30pm and this one is more for the adults.

Over the next few days you will see many parades through the Old Town with the finale on March 5th with the traditional Burial of the Sardine.

Benidorm Locations For the Carnival

The location for this great carnival is held in the Old Town part of Benidorm.

The carnival starts at Calle Ruzafa, just by the Port Vista Oro Hotel and the Crystal Park Hotel.

As the Carnival gets underway it will travel around the Old Town streets and will make its way to the Benidorm Town Hall just by Aiguera Park.

Although it gets very busy in the Old Town if you want a good spot to watch the carnival it may be worth heading to the Old Town early.

Up to the 5th March there will be plenty going on throughout the Old Town.

Parades, parties and processions which add to the buzz whilst in Benidorm for the carnival.

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