Benidorm Cable Ski | Benidorm Water Sports

Benidorm Cable Ski | Benidorm Water Sports

Benidorm Cable Ski: Not many business can boast of being set up back in 1966 and not only are still going, but go from strength to strength.

Cable Ski Benidorm has done this by not only providing a fun filled attraction but with super friendly staff who go above and beyond giving you the best possible experience whilst on your holidays to Benidorm.

From novice to the pro's all are welcome at Benidorm Cable Ski and it's to see why those who come back on the beach after their ski adventure are grinning from ear to ear.

Located on Levante Beach near the Port Hotel Benidorm, you only have to stand on the promenade to see where they are situated and tickets are easy to come by with the main ticket stall set up on the beach front.

There are various packages you can get when purchasing your tickets for the Cable Ski in Benidorm.

Depending on how long you want to stay on for, how many trips, if you want to do the jumps and adults and children's prices.

Benidorm Cable Ski

The price you will be looking at to just turn up and have a few trips is around 21 Euros for an adult and 15 Euros for children and get you around 1 hour on the rig.

If you go for the hour try and get on when it is quiet and you will get more trips!

Don't worry if you are a complete newbie to the Benidorm Cable Ski, the staff on the rig know that most people don't do water sports everyday.

The team are there to give you tutorials and explain everything to you from getting the best possible experience to safety whilst enjoying your Ski adventure.

Equipment is provided and if you want to make this a hobby they will help you with where and what gear you need to buy.

With over 50 years experience they know what they are talking about!

There are a ton of things to do in Benidorm but if you are looking for something unique, an occasion to get some good photos and video if you have a Go Pro then Benidorm Cable Ski ticks all the boxes.

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