Bellarocca Island Philippines | Book Today!

Bellarocca Island Philippines | Book Today!

The Beauty of Bellarocca

Bellarocca Island: Sometimes finding the next best beach destination can be difficult. 

The Philippines is blessed with numerous dazzling beach resorts, each one attracting hundreds or even thousands of visitors every year. 

So where should you head to for your next beach escapade?

Hidden Treasure of Bellarocca

Until recently, the province of Marinduque was known only for the unfortunate mining disaster that wreaked havoc on its river systems in the 1990s. 

Later on, tourism became top priority for the island’s local government, thus paving the way for the development of Marinduque’s abundant coastal charms.

Bellarocca Island is arguably the most popular beach resort in the entire province, and for good reason. 

It can be found just off the southwestern edge of Marinduque, a little island sitting by itself on the crystal-clear waters. 

To get there, you can fly direct from Manila for about 45 minutes to Marinduque airport.

Next comes another 45-minute ride, this time over land.

This route will take you to some areas where you can see evidence of the environmental destruction that the province suffered. 

Finally, you can hop onto a boat for a very short transfer to the island proper to begin your Bellarocca adventure.

Bellarocca Island
Things To Do in Bellarocca 

You might think: “I’m on another beach resort. Great. What else can I do besides swim?”

At Bellarocca, your days and nights will be filled with activities that can excite all your senses. 

The white-painted guest Postcard from Bellarocca might remind you of Greece or Italy

The island is peppered with awesome rock formations that are truly picture-worthy.

You can brush up on your golfing skills by playing at the golf course at the foot of Mt. Malindig, the majestic mountain that can be seen from many vantage points around the island. 

Some of the more covetous villas and casitas boast of unobstructed views of Mt. Malindig, giving your every morning a breathtaking beginning.

The sapphire sea enveloping the entire island is perfect for swimming, diving, water sports, kayaking, yachting, and many more. 

If you seek the soothing embrace of a hot spring pool, Bellarocca gives you the option to swim in these mineral-rich waters.

There are also spa services that you can avail yourself of to make your stay even more relaxing.  

Bellarocca Island

Or, if you prefer to spend most of your day sitting and meditating, there are also rooms available for you to open your mind to the cosmos and enjoy nature’s wondrous beauty.  

The infinity pool is also a great spot for staring off into the horizon and soaking up the sun.

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