Beaches in Playa del Ingles | Gran Canaria

Beaches in Playa del Ingles | Gran Canaria

One of the most well known strips of sand in Europe are the Beaches in Playa del Ingles.

With just short of 3 km of stunning coastline the beaches at Playa del Ingles are nestled between the oasis beaches of San Agustin and the popular Maspalomas beaches.

Not just for those seeking a relaxing beach day, the Playa del Ingles Beaches are home to some of the best water activities that can be found in the Gran Canaria.

Jet skiing, windsurfing and the popular surf school can all be found along the beaches of Playa del Ingles.

The upkeep of the Playa del Ingles beaches are second to none.

Also dotted up and down the coastline you have access to showers, changing facilities, public toilets and foot washes.

As you wander along these beautiful beaches of Playa del Ingles there are many kiosks along the route for refreshments and lite bites.

On the main promenade you also have many restaurants and bars so you are never far from refreshments.

Having a walk along the Playa del Ingles beach is pleasant and tranquil but there are other options to see these stunning beaches.

Beaches in Playa del Ingles

Camel rides are fun, popular and an alternative way to getting around.

Quad biking, although restricted to the tracks, takes you to some nice vantage points where you can see Playa del Ingles from a different view, and really see just how big it really is.

Along the stretches of beach here in Playa del Ingles there are many places to visit.

Playa de las Burras, Paseo Maritimo and Paseo Costa Canaria are all well worth exploring.

One thing the Gran Canaria is not short of and that’s beaches.

If you are holidaying in the area or fancy a day trip from another part of the island, the beaches at Playa del Ingles are a must.

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