The Bamboo Train Cambodia | Cambodia Holidays

The Bamboo Train Cambodia | Cambodia Holidays

The Bamboo Train is in Cambodia, north of The Capital City.

Bamboo Trains in Cambodia are not genuine trains in the regular sense.

They’re more like little single platforms of bamboo, huge enough to seat perhaps 5 folks, they move along the train track powered by a little diesel engine.

The bamboo trains run on a single track, so the train stops and the end users have to clamber off the train… onto the dirt beside the railway line even though the Bamboo Train operator pulls apart the train and moves it nicely clear of the track, so that the oncoming train can pass by.

Bamboo Train Tourist Attraction in Cambodia

As soon as the other bamboo trains had passed, it’s the train operators for a single hour, we were forced to disembark on a number of occasions to disassemble our train and allow incoming bamboo trains past on the 1 track.

It’s a rough ride in places, the railway track is in want of some upkeep, but it’s well worth the ride as there are some rumours circulating that the bamboo train line will not be travel destinations in Cambodia for a lot longer, as in the near future the railway is destined to be getting pulled up.

Bamboo Train Cambodia

You can consider a bus to Battambang from Cambodia’s capital and the Bamboo Train track is about a half hour ride outside of town.

You can get a tuk tuk driver to drive you out to the trains, where you will be required to spend a little sum to ride the train.

Along the route you will come across various stalls selling everything from gifts to food and drink.

The Bamboo Train Ride is very inexpensive and costs around five dollars, which for the experience is well worth the value.

A lot of folks carry on driving on from Battambang to Siem Reap, in order to check out ancient Angkor Wat, Cambodia’s amazing travel destination.

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