Backpacking Tips for Australia & New Zealand

Backpacking Tips for Australia & New Zealand

If you are considering a holiday adventure of backpacking around Oz(Australia) and New Zealand, there are a number of travel related services that can help you with your plans.

Backpacking around these amazing South Pacific lands has become very popular and many businesses have focused their products and services to meet the needs of backpackers.

Here are a few tips to help you plan your backpacking holiday adventure.

Before you begin any backpacking holidays in Australia and New Zealand be sure you have the correct visas and any vaccines that may be required.

There are many great guides, but Lonely Planet or the Australian Version of The Rough Guide are very helpful for locating what you need as well as being very budget conscious.

Having a good guidebook will give you the best options for lodging, meals, roadways and more.

You also want to get your passport and other travel identification updated so there are no problems during your trip.

Another great tip is to do your research before you begin your backpacking adventure.

Familiarise yourself with the roads you want to travel and the things you want to see as much as possible so you will be ready when you begin your adventure.

Part of the fun of backpacking is the daily experiences, but being prepared for unexpected events can prevent your trip from being an adventure that you want to forget.

Getting Around on a Backpacking Trip

When you get to your destination, there are several backpacker buses that are available to help you get started.

These buses offer you more flexibility in your travels, giving you the ability to hop on and off wherever you decide you want to go.

There are also a number of airlines in New Zealand and Oz that offer more flexibility to backpackers who are travelling within the country.

You will also want to check that you have ATM access or credit cards available so you have enough money for your holiday.

Both Oz and backpacking trips to New Zealand offer a number of hostels that provide lodging for hikers, providing you with an inexpensive place to stay during your travels.

You can also get local pay-as-you-go Sim Cards that will allow you to use your mobile phone while you are travelling.

Backpacking Tips for Australia & New Zealand
Where to Go?

When you are looking for some exciting places to explore during your holiday, both Oz and New Zealand are filled with amazing sights and attractions.

The New Zealand Fiordlands are an especially popular location as well as the southern regions of the island due to their incredible natural beauty.

There are a number of trails and mountain roads that provide fantastic views of the island.

Australia is much larger and has many great locations for you to visit.

If you plan to visit the Outback Region on the western side of Oz, talk to the locals and get as much information as you can about the region.

The Outback is mostly desert and can be a bit tougher for backpacking through the region.

The Northeastern portions of Oz are much more hospitable and will provide an exciting adventure destination.

Have you any plans to backpack in Australia or New Zealand?

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