Tips for Hiking and Backpacking in Goa

Tips for Hiking and Backpacking in Goa

Tips for Hiking and Backpacking in Goa: When you take advantage of the open air markets, cheap motorbikes for rent or embark on a rain forest hike, you’ll quickly realise you don’t have to spend a bundle to have a great backpacking experience in Goa!

Food for Thought

Stock up on the good stuff every Wednesday at the Anjuna Beach Flea Market at Baga Hill where you can shop in flip flops for delicacies like fresh tropical fruits, yak cheese and homemade hummus.

Embracing a multicultural attitude with a hippie-fied atmosphere, the food stalls here range from exotic dishes like Portuguese chouriço to Spanish paella to Indian curry.

Drink the Good Stuff

Lassi is a yoghurt drink you’ll find all over Goa that can be doctored up to cure all kinds of ills.

Add a little turmeric powder for an upset tummy or cure a hangover with salted lassi.

It’s also blended with tropical fruits like mango or mixed with rose water to soothe a sweet tooth.

Transportation to Beyond

Two-wheeled vehicles are big in Goa, so arrange to rent scooters, bicycles or motorcycles for a fraction of what you’d spend on rental cars and taxis.

You do need to be over 21 and present an international driver’s licence and make sure if you rent from an authorised dealer that provides insurance.

Once aboard, enjoy weaving through the traffic jams and heading out for a romantic ride at sunset or dawn along the beautiful beaches.

Shop til you Drop

Sure, there are plenty of cool shops in Goa, but the Big Foot Art Gallery & Handicraft Centre is one of the coolest.

Probably not what you would expect to find in the sleepy village of Loutolim, but this place is all about the unexpected.

For a frugal entry fee, you can peruse the great displays of local art and purchase pieces for a fraction of what you’d pay in the big city.

There are also many markets bursting with vibrant colours selling goods, fabrics and exotic foods for your everyday shopping.

Backpacking in Goa

Spicy Tours in Goa

Get away from the hustle-bustle on a delectable tour of the spice plantations on the outskirts of Goa.

Learn about medicinal herbs and spices at the Abyss Spice farm high up in the mountains or head to Ponda to get educated on some of the most unique spices on the planet, as well as sample their selection of fresh fruits and treat your nose to the smell of freshly picked vanilla beans.

Sacred Spots in Goa

As the end of the road for many Hindu and Christian pilgrimages, Goa is packed with fascinating shrines, temples and natural wonders that bring out the spiritual side of human nature.

Soak up sacred vibes at the Shri Damodar Temple along the banks of the Kushavati River or climb the Chandranath Hill to see the famous Shiva Linga where legends say water bathes the holy shrine on a full moon.

The most celebrated Goan temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, Sri Mangesh, as the manifestation of cosmic power.

Don’t go Chasing Waterfalls

Want to get away from it all?

Plan a day trip to the Dudhsagar Waterfall snuggled deep in a tropical jungle with a picture perfect forest pool surrounded by gorgeous old trees that make great shady picnic spots.

For a good workout, hike up the Deccan Plateau above the falls and marvel at the view looking out over the forest canopy below.

Planning a hike or backpacking trip to Goa?

Let us know your tips in the comments section below.

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