Why Choose Backpacking Holidays?

Why Choose Backpacking Holidays?

Why Choose Backpacking Holidays? A huge number of people love to travel around the globe.

However, many have the perception that they cannot do so because they don’t have the money to explore other countries.

Well, that may have been true in the past.

Today, cheap holidays are very much attainable by everyone due to a trend called backpacking.

Is Backpacking Cheap?

As its name implies, backpacking is a type of low-cost, independent international travel, generally involving a fellow carrying his or her belongings in a backpack.

This affordable means of travel is not the same from traditional forms of tourism. How?

Well, if traditional tourists stay in hotels with complete tourist amenities, backpackers spend their nights in hostels to save money.

If traditional tourists drive rental cars to go to places, backpackers use public transportation or even simply walk.

If traditional tourists spend a few weekends at the beach, backpackers spend a longer trip to explore the country better and closer.

Backpacking is considered as a lifestyle, and it has grown enormously in the 2000's thanks to the proliferation of low-cost airlines, budget accommodations in many parts of the world, packages for cheap holidays, Web-based communication, improved backpack designs, and a lot of other factors.

All these combine into an affordable platform of travel, making planning, implementing, and continuing a long-term backpacking trip easier, faster, and better than ever.

Backpacking Holidays

Of course, the typical backpacker would be unable to enjoy many luxuries and conveniences that a traditional tourist experiences.

For instance, he may not have enough cash to enjoy a refreshing swim in a heated pool.

He may not have enough cash to eat sumptuous dishes in a fine-dining restaurant and has to contend with roadside meals.

He may not even have enough cash to buy souvenirs!

But that is the fun of it. Backpackers on cheap holidays are in another country more for education rather than indulging in pleasure.

They want to experience the “real” spirit of the place rather than the usual elements of “packaged” tourism.

They want to experience or even take part of the culture rather than sit outside of it as observers.

They want to make lasting friends with locals and fellow backpackers and exchange information rather than frolic around the beach.

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