Explore Stunning Athens | Greece Holidays

Explore Stunning Athens | Greece Holidays

If you have been bogged by the never ending tedium of your busy life, what can be more tempting and inviting than a beautiful holiday in Athens, Greece?

Since centuries, Greece has been associated with strong history, passion, romance and nostalgia.

Beautiful houses, lovely blue sea and mesmerizing hills with the scent of pines, archaeological importance and the ethnicity of the place fills you with a rare sense of beauty and splendor.

That is the magic of holidays in Greece! If you are a lover of nature and history, you have done yourself a disservice if you haven’t visited Greece.

Places and Attractions

If you want ancient settings with modern comforts, Athens is the place you should be going to for a holiday.

You have the finest hotels that cater to people from all walks of life at the world’s best resorts.

You could stay in one of these resorts and visit places like Crete, Halkidiki, Skiathos, and Kefalonia and many more tourist sites.

Also, get to enjoy the local festivals of the season.

You need to take the trouble of trying to find out what places to visit and be worried whether you are going to miss any important tourist spot.


Holidays in Athens bring more memorable moments in the life of a person.

To say in short, Athens is considered to be the greatest city of Greece is a world famous attractive place bringing more memorable as well as a pleasant memoir to a life of a person after his visit there.

The visitor has to ensure that he never misses any places of historic importance, for sure.

There are locations like the Historical centre of Athens and Temple of Poseidon are important locations to visit.

The Agora museum is yet another important place of tourist attraction for a person or a tourist who makes a visit to Athens.

Library of Hadrian is also located in this same place for the tourist to visit. Mitropolis Square is also a tourist spot to look at.

Amphiareion Temple is another place of tourist attraction. Acropolis- Temple of Athena Nike is an excellent place of tourist visit.

Holidays in Athens and holidays in Greece are in general, a pleasant moment to the person and are also considered to be the excellent chance to visit the historical places.

Church of the Holy Apostles, Church of the Saints, Asklepieion, Byzantine Museum are important places to visit.

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