Antalya Weather April | Weather in Antalya

Antalya Weather April | Weather in Antalya

Antalya Weather April: This time of year can be a bit chilly in most parts or Europe but the weather in April in Antalya is pretty good.

Turkey is popular due to its good weather in what we normally find in off season at other holiday destinations and Antalya is well worth checking out.

Antalya Weather in April - What Temperatures Should I Expect?

April in Antalya we start to see the temps picking up quite well and by the end of the month the beach lovers come out in force.

Highs in Antalya are around 22c but on a good clear day, in a suntrap it does feel a lot warmer here.

Lows are around 11c with the early part of the month and evening more noticeable and on average around 3 days of rain.

Antalya Weather During April - What Clothes Should I Bring?

For the early part of April in Antalya we do recommend some warm casual clothes just in case you catch some bad weather.

Antalya Weather April

Even more so but as we reach the end of the month it does start to warm up a lot quicker, beach and pool attire more suitable.

Antalya Weather throughout April - What’s Antalya Like in April?

Throughout the month of April in Antalya we do see a big change in the weather meaning pools and beaches are more buisier.

With this we see more bars, restaurants and cafes opening longer and again, more busier.

Although not peak season, you can get some great deals to Antalya and the resort starts to fill up.

There are still lots of places to visit in Antalya in April with a great trip, although a bus ride, very scenic and interesting, is the Otogar to Egirdir trip.

Over the past few years the weather in Antalya in April has been really good and you should have no problem getting a tan.

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