Amazon World Zoo Park Isle of Wight

Amazon World Zoo Park Isle of Wight

Amazon World Zoo Park Isle of Wight is among the most frequented sightseeing attractions in the getaway island.

Here you will see a remarkable collection of rare and unusual wildlife numbering to about two hundred different exotic varieties.

The zoo park presents a look into some of the more intriguing animals and this vast jungle area is also the place to find an amazing collection of exotic plants and flowers.

What Will I See at Amazon World Park?

Amazon World Zoo Park is actually a unique kind of attraction.

You won’t observe the animals in a row of cages or enclosures; instead you’ll see these spectacular, rather odd and highly endangered animals in a natural environment and understand their conservation.

Here you will have an in depth experience with a few species you will never see somewhere else in England or even the whole of the Western world!

The Amazon World Zoo Park centres most of its efforts in the conservation and maintenance of endangered wildlife.

It is possible to take part in a variety of instructional tours or find out about the research and propagation programs backed up by numerous environmental organizations around Britain and the rest of the world.

All this started in 1990 when the original keepers of a huge tropical aviary housing free flying wild birds and exotic plants needed to move ahead somewhere else.

The current owner himself always possessed a love for animals and birds, and by destiny was steered to the Isle of Wight to make this nice discovery.

Amazon World Zoo Park Isle of Wight

Having his own little collection of different bird varieties, it was the easiest way he could follow his passion.

He found additional enthusiasm with the idea of having others appreciate getting as close to several of nature’s most amazing creatures.

Following a visit to the Amazon Basin in South Africa where he saw for himself the effects of rain forest devastation, this hobby turned full time as he decided to give total commitment to establishing Amazon World with wildlife conservation as his key driving force.

He came back to the Isle of Wight with the full determination to make others aware of how seriously close to extinction some of the animals and plant life definitely were.

So Amazon World progressed into something more than simply a selection of animals; it is a zoo park and a hub for education and conservation.

The spectacular sight of free-flying tropical avian species above your head is there to greet you while you roam the walkways and observe some crocodiles lazing in a pond.

Otherwise, you may enjoy the exhibits and discussions or simply sit and check out the lemurs as they bathe in the sun and play.

Should you be considering a holiday at the Isle of Wight, the Amazon World Park is definitely one place you should never miss.

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