Amazing Altea Holidays | Costa Blanca Holidays

Amazing Altea Holidays | Costa Blanca Holidays

On your journey to the fabulous Altea Spain, as you pass through cities such as Alicante or Benidorm.

Depending if you’re approaching from the north or south of the town, your welcoming can be found in the form of beautiful churches outfitted with mosaic blue domes.

This area of the Costa Blanca is one of majestic beauty with it’s landscaping as well as it’s climate.

Dynamic white washed walls on it’s residence homes, spectacular views of the sea, and the atmosphere that will leave you nothing but relaxed.

Though the area has become very much a tourist favourite in recent years, the town has retained it’s grace full, paying much attention to avoiding hurting the natural surroundings of the area.

As of late, the town has seen great expansion in the form of new hotels and restaurants, but not without first respecting the ambiance of the town itself.

Altea Spain is a tranquil town that seems to call to those in the arts such as writers, painters, and show business folks due to it’s atmosphere of serenity that they very much enjoy.

Therefore, you won’t find the usual type of tourist in this town.

However, the people aforementioned usually take shelter away from the touristy area and more into the hidden areas of the neighbourhood, near places such as the local churches and restaurants.

Where you can find a good Spanish home cooked style meals in many of the local restaurants.


If you move closer down at the foot of the hill of town you’ll come to find a more modernised version of the town.

However the architecture of the past still remains and will likely remain for many years to come due to an enormous respect for the towns history.

If you’re in search of a hands on experience then your best bet is to travel through on foot.

If you start out at the Mestre La Musica Street, which you’ll spot by finding the long stairway of stone, which brings you past the towns small homes also made of stone, which leads to a doorway right into the walled town.

Then you’ll head upwards to Mayor Street, and this is where you’ll notice a small church, which basically is the center of much activity.

This area is characterized by it’s seasonal craft market that runs from Easter right into September, put together by a group of the local craftsmen that run the event.

Near this is the Church of the Virgin of the Consolation, which is the great monument of the town, which was constructed in the year 1910, at the site of a very old parish.

It’s just as beautiful when you venture inside to find the richly designed interior, which doesn’t stop there, continuing on upward to the dome where blue mosaic tiles accent the Mediterranean look of the great church.

The beautiful weather of this area of the world allows for your dining experience to be fantastic nearly every night.

Nearly every meal, every single night if you so wish can be enjoyed outside on the terraces of the town, overlooking the beautiful ocean that borders the city, as well as the modern Altea promenade.

Altea just might be the romantic vacation that you and your significant other have been hoping for.


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